Evenings With Spirit

Expeditions Into All That Is  

with Adele Tartaglia,  Regression Therapist, Interfaith Minister, Third Order Dominican, Avatar Master

 Wednesdays 7PM at the Life Management Center

Interviews from Principles of Causality© 1994,  Adele Tartaglia, her Life Is What You Make It radio show, and IONS conference. All the content on all her sites and blogs is copyrighted and taken from her books and articles.

Adele is truly a gifted person on this planet.  She helped my mother transition after her death, with love, compassion and a caring that not many people have. She is able to assist you move past boundaries and borders and create a life you are desiring.  Adele is so special in so many ways, helping my mother transition was an unexpected blessing for me and the family as we came to a healing and a release.  I can not praise and thank Adele enough.  Adele can move you beyond any current situation, she is an exceptional person.  I sometimes think she is an angel in disguise, connected to God in a very loving way.   Jeanne Henderson

Born empathic, Adele has the ability to assist people to scan their Akashic Records cognitively and emotionally to make it easier for them to locate and delete core issues. She works with them on multiple levels to delete blocking energies and patterns carried forward from other ego states. This is particularly effective as an Integrative Therapist and Past and Parallel Life Regression Therapist. 

During her Reincarnation Meet Up students often revisit other lives and she is there to walk them through Releasement  and Deletion Protocols within the framework of the past lifetime and Rescripts for their current lives so they may move forward instead of continuing to repeat past life patterns.

She stays entrained with the client throughout the process both mentally and empathically so she knows where they are in cons-ciousness. This is important when resolving interpersonal relationships which are more amenable to regression renovation than anything else except illness. The relationship creations presenting for transmutation and/or deletion that are preventing harmonious relationships with loved ones in this life, are revisited and understood within the larger framework of the continuing soul’s journey with the loved one.

Karmic contracts can quickly be reframed and forgiven once the stuck energy and emotional fixation are dissolved as both parties accept their responsibility in balancing the yin and yang of the on-going relationship lifetime to lifetime. Feeling into both parties psyches during their continuing attachments over time and space provides them with greater insight and willingness for peaceful reconciliation.

She may lecture from her writings as well as read during Evenings With Spirit. Among topics most often requested is her theory that there is one Over Soul, One Heart within which are all others, One Mind, having created and given life, that now continues to sustain the universe through the minds and hearts of all sentient beings who are connected through spirit and entrained mentally, physically, and emotionally. Being part of the creating force and the final determinant of outcomes, human manifesting is constantly ongoing. The decision to be made is to do it responsibly, consciously, and intentionally or to continue to allow it to happen randomly by neglecting to align the frequencies you send out to the waiting field of possibilities….and thus the world at large. 

She sees her role as bringing awareness to people who as yet have not recognized the effects of their thoughts, words, and actions and assist them to become more deliberate about the psychic resonances given off by their personalities and behaviors.

She mentors those inspired to begin channeling, reading, or medi-umship. Years of tapping into the collective unconscious, she believes most people can restore their attention to the intentionality endeavor and be successful at it. The issue is not one of potential; it concerns how you will use the gifts when you remember you have them when you do decide to access the Akashic records of man’s current and past histories outside of time. With whom you converse and the type of material you deliver to the three dimensional world is a choice that must be made solely by the channel and only with the purest of intentions toward humankind. She believes there is unlimited availability of dimensions, places, times, and psychic fields which the mind of man, seated in aware consciousness, can explore.

Never having crossed to the other side of the veil, Adele has been communicating in other dimensions and with those who have crossed over her entire life. She continues to enjoy a parallel life with her loved ones no longer on this plane. More and more often she is facilitating the deceased to transition in a peaceful manner having released and resolved their issues so they may begin their new life. A description of this process in on this site.

Doing psycho-astrology reports she is able to perceive beyond the written word and ascertain and explain to people the most effective and direct way to fulfill or rescript the specific mission and lifestyle they chose for themselves in-between lives. Beneficial  when doing child reports for parents presenting adolescent adjustment issues, the material given cues the parents into the workings of their child’s minds and emotions. Wednesdays is an opportunity for parents to talk about issues with their children and compare notes. She then psychically interprets and guides them in the most beneficial ways to bring out the child’s strengths and minimize the challenges after the lessons have been integrated and resolved. The goal in Psycho-astrology Child Reports is always to bring underdstanding to the parents of the soul they have in their care and prevent them from labeling and mythologizing their child with lifelong stigmas. Parents are often astounded by the accuracy of her descriptions of the personality of their child and the issues they are facing without having ever met them.

Operating outside of the space time continuum she uses empathy to sense and bring out the best in people through compassion, releasement and forgiveness. Reminding people to see and serve their higher purpose, rather than the human self presenting symptomlogy, it becomes possible for them to begin to believe in this more divine aspect of themselves. Believing that love is the highest vibratory frequency in the universe and that in and through keeping the loving space open for insight and transformation, she attributes all healing and growth to staying in the presence of unconditional love and acceptance of her clients.

Feeling the emotions and mindsets of people at a distance, she does Remote Healings shifting consciousness to the optimum aligned state to affect the desired outcome by configuring their healing intentions and expanding consciousness to a more long term perspective. Giving them insights into the purpose and the gift the creation is offering, underlying causality of the event, and bringing them to conscious awareness, the client’s brain waves come into alignment with these new aspects of the self. This connection to the healing matrix is done only when specifically requested by the person. There is more on Intuitive Healings on this site.

She has done hands on healing as well as subtle energy healing as is noted elsewhere on this site. Unknown to the client as undetectable to the five senses, she feels into the energetic vibrations of beliefs, patterns, words, behaviors, and somatic presentments that are disturbing the holistic center or the homeostasis of the person. Free flowing the healing energy of an accepting understanding love, which she believes is the only healing energy, she can recognize subtle energy changes and feel the authentic self trying to break through the programming and become real again. From this higher vantage point, the soul recognizes the power of its loving presence in the world and self esteem is restored.

Whether channeling, teaching, writing, or healing, her proclaimed mission is to assist souls to remember and value who they are, why they chose to come back in this time period, and learn to function purposively from their authentic selves, their divine essence, love, in order to actualize their highest potential for service.

Called horse whispering today, Adele has always communed with plants and animals naturally through her own loving affinity with them. She has been called upon to support their return to a state of calmness to facilitate their healing if that is their wish, to gentle them during anxiety or help them transition in a merciful way. 

She teaches holotropic breathing, trance channeling, emotional intell-igence, remote healing, multidimensional travel, and the eternal life of the soul among her many other classes which are listed on her Life Management Center site, thelifemanagementcenter.-com.

As a spiritual adept, she can induce past and present life trance states instantly using still point breathing to spontaneously regress, and using her cognitive and emotional deletion protocols, to spontaneously heal.

Lifetimes astral traveling alternate dimensions, she knows man as multi-dimensional, multi-leveled beings with entrained coherent minds; morphic fields within the Field, creating it all at the same time one with it all as source being.

Her second nature of leaving the physical body in times of stress has been misunderstood by the medical profession which has pronounced her dead four times. She has volunteer for research studies with Rupert Sheldrake, IONS, and the Aware project. There is more on these out of body experiences elsewhere on this site.

Brain mapping exhibited a sustained hourglass configuration brain profile during waking and meditation thus confirming that she has the ability to simultaneously split her consciousness between the Beta and Theta states, staying present to the sense world yet remaining aware and connected to the Field. She has written on the spontaneous remission possible in this Hemi-sync state.

Forty years concentration in metaphysics, theology and human cons-ciousness has produced numerous articles and books for adults and children. Her Books 2 Change Your Life publishing arm has several books in revision at this time.

Her newest book, first published in 1998 as Life Is What You Make It, was re-introduced in 2005 as How to Stop Sabotaging Your Life and will be online as an ebook shortly titled:

Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental and Emotional Erasers Make the Law of Attraction Work For You instead of Against You. Pre-order your copy at books2changeyou@qwest.net.

The Transform Your Life Instantly Course will begin in 2010 after the publication of the Transform Your Life Workbook.