Some Healing Testimonies

The processes used are contained within the spiritual state tanta-mount to divine intuition, which some believe is available in the Theta state of consciousness.  A raising of consciousness that transcends the material world and any empirical evidence to the contrary, and allows discernment into the psychic astral realm in order to receive infor-mation and guidance in healing the body mind spirit.

The Impossible Blessing of a Child

A young couple from Unity of Delray Beach came to me for the healing of a tumor the wife had which was preventing her from conceiving a child. The doctors had given them a negative prognosis for ever having a child. In this case we prayed for the success of the healing as usual and I did an extra-sensory perception to locate the tumor. Working on the astral body, I then removed the tumor from the womb so she could conceive. I could clearly see and feel it was gone as could she. I also sensed she would have a healthy child. The healing was effective and within a month she had conceived and nine months later delivered a healthy beautiful child. Another of God’s miracles for all to see.

Denial of Womanhood

During my training as a healer, we were working with people presenting illnesses without the benefit of case histories. After scanning the woman’s body I was working on, I located some activity and heat around the abdominal area which I proceeded to work on in the astral body.  I was channeling spirit to heal and repair the damage to the female organs I perceived. While doing this, the energy of the woman’s beliefs became apparent to me. As with so many women raised in the 50’s, when women even in our country were considered second rate people, not competent to function outside the home, not worthy of the credibility and esteem afforded men, only to get their worth from their physical beauty or child bearing, this woman was steeped in these type beliefs and carried great shame in being a woman. In order of priority, these misperceptions of the truth were the first area to be dealt with and released done by dialog later to be followed up with alternative therapy. I have found that when entrained with a client, and in the zone myself, every word I say is internalized at a deep level of conviction and little else is necessary for the release and reframe of the deleterious concepts. Therapists have witnessed many a transformation by waking re-frames as well as clinical procedures to locate and delete sabotaging programs such as women who hate women frequently do to themselves on a subliminal level. The work on this woman’s female organs proceeded on the astral plane to satisfaction. The most important gain from this healing was that of her recognizing the hindering beliefs that she and her body mind system had used as a platform to create and maintain her physical self. After many years of almost deliberate destruction of her own body, due to the shame associated with her gender, her system was now letting her know she had to handle this error consciousness in order to heal her body as well as her mind.

The Miracle in the Course In Miracles

Years ago when I frequently channeled Our Lord, in the years when friends told me  hanging out with me was like hanging out with God, I was helping facilitate the Course in Miracles. The doctor leading had a good sized group enter into still point breathing with very little preparation, no safety provision, and no explanation about protecting the psyche from psychic attack. In a room full of vulnerable people experiencing a powerful unconsciousness of a type unknown to them, one man started to scream out that the devil was attacking him with a knife. As he described the blood and horror, all I could think of was that someone had to pop him out of his hallucinatory state before he severely traumatized every person in the room whose subconscious was completely available to suggestion. These people could not even bring themselves out of the trance state they were in thanks to the doctor who did not know how to bring them back himself nor how to advise them to bring themselves back to the Beta state. I came back to consciousness myself and went to the man and sat beside him and immediately started channeling the white light of Jesus through my extended arms held over his body.  As I began talking him out of his state of hysteria, he calmed, opened his eyes, looked up at me and merely said “I behold the Buddha in you,” [he was not a Buddhist nor was I but we must have been in touch with that energy] and then went back into a peaceful safe state induced by introducing a hypnotherapeutic reframe along those lines. Fortunately for everyone there, he was restored to a sane state and there were no further disruptions in the room. No one mentioned anything about it the next few days but I’m sure these souls were imprinted to some extent.

Releasing Mom Into the Light

Jeanne, a dear friend for many years, herself a channeler, was visiting me from out of town having moved back up north to assist in the transition of her parents. Her mother held on for a long time enduring great discomfort and surgeries through a misguided need to continue to control the family. I had been supporting my friend on the phone through the deaths of both parents and the family’s adjustment period. While visiting, my friend was discussing Mom’s passing when suddenly her mother made contact with me and I started channeling her and feeling her inability to pass on into the light. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly so I was actually channeling her through my own body which is never appropriate. I had to dissociate from her and her trauma in order to be more effective. As we worked together, one issue, one fear, one reservation at a time was dispelled, released, forgiven, and rescripted allowing her to let go of her attachment to this plane and flow blissfully into the beyond where she was to begin her life anew.  This brought closure to my friend and her siblings as well as I felt her mother release her grip on this world and her obsession with her children.

Jeanne’s testimony…
Adele is truly a gifted person on this planet.  She helped my mother transition after her death, with love, compassion and a caring that not many people have. She is able to assist you move past boundaries and borders and create a life you are desiring.  Adele is so special in so many ways, helping my mother transition was an unexpected blessing for me and the family as we came to a healing and a release.  I can not praise and thank Adele enough.  Adele can move you beyond any current situation, she is an exceptional person.  I sometimes think she is an angel in disguise, connected to God in a very loving way.   Jeanne Henderson


There Are No Accidents

I had familiarity with this “control beyond the grave” scenario myself having a very intelligent but controlling father who was afraid when he died no one in the family would be able to sustain the family without him. He did get over this somewhat by the time I grew up believing he could leave the family in my care.  He waited, floating in and out of the body, until I got home at the last minute, from working in another state to pass on this responsibility to me. By the time I arrived at Hospice, though he had the death mask that comes when the spirit vacates the body, he was present long enough to squeeze my hand once we were alone in the room and I told him it was ok to move on, that I would take over for him. Heartbreaking as this is for the children, we must consider the distress the parent feels being so frightened that their family is unable to take care of itself without them. What a lot of responsibility they assign themselves whether through ego inflation or from genuine non-recognition of the abilities possessed by their loved ones. Mother was the most competent person I ever knew through the most challenging circumstances. I can’t imagine that daddy missed that about her. She was our rock.

Spirit working through the higher self never misses an opportunity for growth. I was in another state at a retreat center ghost writing a book for a doctor and when I called home and spoke to the oncologist handling my father’s case,  he said if you want to see your father alive you have to come at once. Well the doctor I was writing the book for and facilitating courses for did not want me to leave and prevented it for agonizing hour after hour. The retreat was hours away from the nearest airport and he would not take me nor would he allow anyone else to take me to the airport. By sheer persistence, something I was not known for being a well trained people pleaser in those days, he finally gave in and made his wife drive all that way in the middle of the night. Not considering in the least me and my family’s pain and trauma at loosing daddy nor caring or considering his wife driving for hours alone at two in the morning and back again.  For once in my life I stood up for what mattered to me and overran an authority figure. That was a miracle in itself.

The universal Law of Attraction or as the Transcendentalist  and New Thought ministers call it, The Law of Mind Action, states that our thoughts are creating our reality. Quantum mechanics explains that we are all connected in consciousness, entrained, coherent, and that through invisable frequencies we influence outcomes. Proof that we are all continually implicated in each other’s soul evolvement  is evidenced once more in what has taken place since I became a self empowerment facilitator. I deliver one of the most powerful empowerment courses today, the tools of which are disseminated with great discretion. The course awakens you to the avatar you are and teaches you how to create in real time whatever you want. When I first received my license to deliver the course, I created, or as I say, I ordered up from the universe, “I only attract appropriate students and clients,” being a therapist also. The other people delivering the course thought I was crazy but I soon learned that surrounding your life with what I call “universal creations” takes care of a large part of life’s challenges.

How that intentional creation has shown up for me these last fifteen years has been that people come to take course who are aligned with it’s principles, open and receptive to new information and tools, and resonate with the perspective of the energy that flows from me. I’m like the Christian Master and the home office would hate that verbiage. I don’t mean it literally but in order  for me, being a Catholic with a calling,  to accept the teachings which are based on the Vedic scriptures, I had to consider them carefully and figure out if they were congruent with my beliefs and how to make them harmonize and fit within the limiting beliefs I had at the time I took the course. God is good and I got it right away and have been able to pass it on to others so they didn’t deny themselves the gift of the course. Since I already knew how to make diverse teachings fit together in the higher mandala of spiritual development ,being exceptionally eclectic, the students who sought me out had questions as Christians as to how this material could work within the framework of their current beliefs. Not only philosophically, but on the physical plane this synchronicity happened over and over. Having a few physical challenges, I attracted others with the same ailments, the psychosomatic origins of which  I had already dealt with in myself.

As far as my therapy practice, I do a number of alternative healing modalities, but chiefly they are all done in what I call “Healing in Consciousness,” whether in regression or in the present moment. Clients who have come in over the years have similar backgrounds to my own without their or my knowledge prior to the Intake Session. They often present with symptomlogy, behavior patterns, and addictions I have dealt with in my family unit  thus enabling me to appreciate them and their family’s predicament from both sides of the equation. For instance, my father comes from a long line of rage-aholics and I can’t tell you how many men come to me for anger management not knowing how familiar I am with the pattern and its origins or of my compassion for the perpetrator as well as the recipient. The same is true for the enabler martyr partners which I modeled after mother, and used to be myself until I deleted that identities and all identities associated with that particular response to an abuser. Being Italian Catholics, we also had beliefs about the inferiority of women which were passed down to us. Having had to remove these programs after my own subconscious had created multiple female diseases, I appreciate it when women come to me for the same complex. One of my specialties is removing impactful deleterious false beliefs about women that adult women present with. The same is true for abused and PTSD sufferers. Being steeped in guilt, unworthiness, shame, and suffering is good for the soul beliefs myself, and having deleted those identities in order to cease the creation of life threatening experiences in my own life, I am never surprised when the walking wounded show up for healing of the same issues.

Everything is in divine right order if you allow it to be. If they show up at my door, I figure spirit has brought them to me for a reason and it becomes self evident to both of us rather quickly. No service rendered is not immediately rewarded as that is the law of reciprocity, the karmic balance of  life on the earth plane . I never fail to learn from my clients and shift in proportion to my own receptivity. As I help them heal, the process helps me heal. There are no accidents once you surrender your life to your purpose.

Where’s the Tumor?

A client came to me presenting with a malignant tumor the doctors were to surgically remove within the week. She was a young mother in general good health looking forward to starting two new businesses. Being a Unity new thought student, she was amenable to believing that our thoughts are creating our reality. We used Ericksonian clinical hypnotherapy to discern what the core beliefs and assumptions were that contributed to the creation of the cancer, and then proceeded with  my cognitive deletion protocol followed by psycho-spiritual rescripting.  The physical evidence of the beliefs held in consciousness, the growth, was removed during the session and post hypnotic suggestions were installed creating new programs in the subconscious mind for sustained vigorous health ,completely free of any recurrence of tumors now or in the future. To date she has had no surgery as the doctor could not find the tumor at the next examination.  She started her businesses and sent other family members to me for therapy.

These are a few of miracles constantly being provided by Spirit.

Processes mentioned in this posting are used at The Life Management Center or in phone sessions offered nationwide. 480/706-837, which is under revision.