Healing In Consciousness

Sometimes healing is more effective when done directly in consciousness, such as in the case of remote healings of those on the operating table or in accidents. Other times when the subject is present and there are physical symptoms, hands on or astral body work is effective or a combination of both.

There is no time when healing of any kind, including my Cognitive and the Emotional Protocols used in my therapy practice, is undertaken without the expressed desire and informed consent of the person being helped.

It is said that the astral body is the spiritual, vaporous counterpart of the physical body. The astral body is composed of astral material and is an exact energy duplication of the physical form that it encompasses [which makes it a viable field for the healer to work in to cure disease.] It is believed that this energy body is attached to the physical body, usually at the naval, by a silver-like cord. In some of us, medical intuitives have seen as many as sixteen silver cords connecting us to the other side far beyond the energy body. This may explain why some highly sensitive souls have such a huge energy field, blow circuits, lights, computers and car circuitry, and why they can be constantly plugged into the other side while being present in the physical. This has been the case with me.

As we know from ancient mystery schools and from Robert Monroe in our time, the astral body accompanied by the mind is capable of travel during periods in which the physical body sleeps. Such an act is referred to as astral projection and is much more common that is generally known. Healing channelers also often separate out of their bodies so an ancient guru or doctor can step in and use their bodies to channel a variety of healing remedies.

The astral body is a subtle body, known as the glorified body in Christianity, posited by many religious philosophers, intermediate between the intelligent soul and the physical body, composed of a subtle material.[1] The concept ultimately derives from the philosophy of Plato: it is related to an astral plane, which consists of the planetary heavens of astrology. The term was adopted by nineteenth-century Theosophists and neo-Rosicrucians.

Astral body work involves working in the energy field closely related and in proximity to the physical body. The astral body is the instrument of passions, emotions, and desires, and, since it interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body, it is the medium through which these are conveyed to body. It is said to be an exact replica of the physical body but composed of finer matter.

When it separates from the denser body— during sleep, or by the influence of drugs, or as the result of accidents—it takes with it the capacity for feeling, and only with its return can pain or any other such phenomena be felt. This is often the reason that the spirit separates from the body, which is one form of astral projection, in case of medical error, surgery, attacks, and physical trauma when the pain is simply too much for the mind to handle. This separation also takes place during near death experiences, and when one is meditating and has left all worldly aspects behind.

During these periods of separation, the astral body being a replica, is extremely sensitive to thought, which as we know, influences the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of humans to the extent that a comment made in the formative years to a child or about a child, by an authority figure, particularly a parent or a doctor, so influences that child’s psyche mentally and emotionally, that the body reconfigures around the comment, i.e.; you are fat, stupid, mean, lazy, sick, are statements which become self fulfilling predicators of future outpicturing. This is based on the premise that the body mind system believes every word you say and every thought you think which becomes self evident when you listen to clients explain their belief systems after presenting their reasons for seeking a therapist.

If you are doing a healing on a person whom you know has beliefs such as “I’m bad, I deserve to suffer…to die…to be sick,” you know you first have to help them delete these negative beliefs. This will more effectively restore the body to health and release the illness stored in body tissue which is also where the belief and its conviction are stored.  Having been asked for help, healing, or relief by clients or even people I don’t know, the underlying belief systems that created the suffering, illness, or pain should be released first because they keep the person locked into resistance to the physical healing itself if they are not removed. Further, they continue as causal factors and can re-create the disturbance just released and healed. This has often been the case when doing remote healings on seriously ill or suffering individuals. The healer is at first engulfed in the emotional residues of unresolved pain and suffering as well as the underlying belief structures holding the creation in place. Working in the client’s field of consciousness, the deletion of every mental and physical aspect is felt and released by the healer until completion is accomplished and both feel clean and clear of the imposing imprints. Often the client not knowing just when you are doing the healing, will call right after you do it and ask, did you just work on me, clear me, clean me up, etc.

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