I Was Pronounced Dead…

Out of Body Experiences
Adele Tartaglia, Bd. Cert. Ericksonian Regression Therapist

This is an excerpt from a message sent to Dr. Sam Parnia to use in his Aware study which I volunteered for recently.

Out of body experiences and awareness during them is a very real phenomenon. I have been pronounced dead four times and my parents were told when I was born that I would not live. Hospitals cannot find my vitals and have said “Lady you’re dead” as a joke and I laugh and say wait a minute, let me get back in. My son realizes when I get really sick or in pain, I automatically go into REM  to heal myself so it doesn’t frighten him.

The ability to astral travel whether in your sleep, during meditation, or during healings in consciousness leaves the body with barely perceptible vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, res-piratory rate, or heart beat [pulse].

Additionally, as a child I had life threatening asthma. My father and I were always studying metaphysics and medicine and I began learning to control my vital signs and go into trance so my body would not have such a high requirement for oxygen. I soon realized I could slow down my body to the point yogi’s do when they simulate death for extended periods of time.

Later I discovered I went into still point breathing when I wanted to process  at will  without being trained to do so. I can go into REM trance instantly with one breathe and divide my mind into beta and theta at the same time.

I learned early in life to get out of my body when it was in pain and during traumatic situations. This is an automatic function of the body mind system to preserve the sanity and nervous system of the person but I think most people will not allow it to happen due to fear until the body takes over control itself and forces it. It’s a similar survival mechanism as blacking out, loss of memory, shock trauma but not the same since there is no awareness and it is less deliberate. I am quite aware whatever method I use to induce out of body experiences.

In the case of medical error or medical trauma such as being awake during surgery, I can hear everything but the pain isn’t devastating until you re-enter the body. Medical personnel have no recognition that the resuscitation procedures and the panic of rough treatment traumatizes the body and mind further which triggers the mind to leave again. This is then often mistaken by the doctors as death.

There is a big different between death and astral projection. There is a difference in leaving the body during meditation, still point breathing, hypnotherapy, and sleep and leaving due to pain and medical trauma. Every time I left I heard variations of the doctors telling my parents they had made a mistake and it had killed me, we lost her, she died, etc. It was always medical error. Every time, I decided to come back in because I didn’t want to further traumatize my family because I loved them more than I feared the excruciating pain or the procedure.

Sometimes I leave to meditate on world peace, do healings, regressions, or just to spend time with God. Many people leave during sleep as do I. I also enter into lucid dreaming in order to have a parallel life with my parents who are on the other side. If I am having a traumatic dream, not often fortunately, but sometimes I will process concern for my grandchildren during sleep, I intentionally start to delete the contents of the dream and create the opposite polarity. Over time I have hardwired my brain to delete any experience I do not want to go through and it does so without intentional direction in all states of consciousness.

Regardless of the reasons or causal factors, events of leaving the body and bi-location are very real documented phenomenons. The out of body experience, while it occurs during an NDE, is substantially different from a NDE, a subject we shall address in another article.

Further Research

I am not in complete agreement with this research but it is a current ongoing study to which we can possibly contribute our personal experiences.

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